I'm an Illustrator learning code so there's little to no gameplay. I apologise.

This prototype was build for Games For The Many a political game jam backed by the Labour party and Ludum Dare #40 under the theme "the more you have, the worse it is" in under 48 hours.


  • Sores is an experimental game about the lengths people go to just to survive.
  • Inspired by real events, Sores attempts to illustrate the brutal nature of how extreme the class gap can be in today's society.


Click on your infected sores to pop them and your pennies will increase. Pop enough within the day and you get to survive another day - joy!

If you leave your sores for too long, the worse it is and that's game over for you! See you in the next life.

Try not to get pissed on!

Mouse (point & click)


Thanks to Tom Andrews for the help with coding. :)
Thanks to Chris Low (photographer) for the image reference.

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